Sunday, November 11, 2012

Peanut Butter

She must've lost her mind in Russia, why is she titling her post peanut butter? Well that's because I HAVE peanut butter! Real peanut butter from America (Chunky Skippy, in case you were wondering).  Why is this something to write home about (literally! Ha. Ha. Get it?)? Because Russians just do not have peanut butter.  They don't get it.  They don't like it.  They have it in a few VERY select places, but its either not really peanut butter, or $12 a jar.  Which is ludicrous. Ok, so then how'd I get this peanutty gold all the way from America? Not because my friends/family sent it to me (yeah, that's right.  I'm calling you guys out on your complete lack of care packages. Don't think I haven't noticed!). It's because Graham, our final new native speaker at EF, FINALLY arrived this week! He was supposed to get here quite some time ago, but there were some passport/visa difficulties (remember when I was trying to move over here? Nightmare) that delayed him.  Being a nice guy, he asked Martin (remember him from a few posts ago? They're roommates) via email whether he needed anything from America (despite the fact that he's from Ireland).  He read this aloud to John and I at work, and we simultaneously produced a forceful "SAY YES" followed by a brief pause, and then "PEANUT BUTTER." So I started my Thursday at work by finding my own personal jar of peanut butter sitting on the table in the teachers' lounge, and let me tell you, that is a wonderful way to begin your day.  In return, we introduced him to gin & tonic in a can at the grocery store, where there happened to be a stand with free vodka cocktail samples.  Only in Russia.

My kids haven't exactly been a joy lately, so I finally had to speak to/get consultants to call parents this week.  Yes, I've become That Guy.  Although one little girl, who understands zero of what I say but is adorable nonetheless, apparently went on vacation to Mexico with her family and brought me a Cancun magnet.  I don't think she can fathom how excited I was, but it now holds an esteemed position on my refrigerator.

Oh, and I guess we had a presidential election or something? Something about an Obama bin Laden or whatever? Just kidding, I know what's going on.  The Russians do as well, and they are quite pleased that Obama beat good old Mittens for president.  I took the opportunity to show some of my classes the victory/concession speeches, and there are now a few Russian teens who understand the electoral college a bit better.  Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to my friend and sometimes boss Auden Grogins for being reelected to the CT State Legislature with an incredible 87% of the vote! She works like none other and deserves her win, and I'm proud to have been a part of her campaign this summer.   

For those of you who for some reason never tire of hearing about this, the weather has been around 30F, it snows sometimes but doesn't stick, and there's a decent amount of ice on the ground.  New boots and a bigger coat will soon be necessary. In related news, I hear New England has been pummeled with snow, to which I reply: HAAA. HA. Ha. "Why are you moving to Russia it's so cold there" IN YOUR FACES. I think the water for my tea is boiling, so I'll leave you to shovel out your cars and such.  From Russia, with love.


  1. PENUT BUTTER {!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) is amazing and a necessity to life. how could people not like it?? Its great on apples, and bananas, bread....hell, anything. plus, its a good source of protein. <3

    i miss ya terribly, and we should skype soon. kisses, muahhh

  2. IT IS, why don't more people understand that?? And allll of the protein!

    Yes let's Skype soon, step 1: add me on Skype because I can't find you. Kisses and tackle hugs <3