Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Its been a while, so here are some ramblings from yours truly.  In list form. 

Things I've ticked off of my To-Do list:
-be touristy at Red Square and Arbat
-buy street food (hot cabbage pies and shwarma? Delicious)
-curse myself for not bringing a hat (who goes to Russia without a hat?! Someone who had half of their things in one parent's house, the other half in another, and swore there was at least 1 hat somewhere in her 2 large suitcases)
-go to the movies (We saw Brave - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CKcqIahedc&feature=fvst - yes it was in Russian and yes I understood all of it)
-feel like I know what I'm doing at work
-drink in the street (it's a thing. Just trust me)
-be a loud American at Starbucks
-make good friends

Things I miss about America (besides friends and family, obviously):
-fresh hummus/guacamole
-not having to either boil or buy all of the water that I use
-my internet connection not randomly dropping out every 10 mins
-TV (I watched a lot of TV this summer.  Stop judging)
-the public library
-clothes/shoes not costing an arm and a leg
-while we're on the topic of clothes: online shopping.  My bank account doesn't miss it, but I sure do.
-vacuuming (I never thought these words would leave my mouth...fingers?...but I would love nothing more than a vacuum cleaner right now. Even a dustbuster, really)
-living at the same address as my mail (All of my bills and things get sent to America for practical purposes, which is mildly inconvenient)
-speaking of mail: knowing how to get mail (We don't have a key to the mailbox in our apartment building, and our office is moving to a new [undisclosed despite the fact that it's happening in 2 wks] location so I can't have things sent there, which is the normal solution)

Things I thought I would miss but don't:
-food (aside from the hummus and guac, that is. And dad's lentil soup and mom's bacon egg & cheeses. But that's it)
-driving (I absolutely love driving, but I haven't really missed it at all.  Maybe this will change when it gets colder, but for now I'm fine.  The metro is great, not to mention cheaper, and goes everywhere I need it to. That said, I do really miss Daisy; she was my buddy)
-college (work ends when I leave the building? Madness! I love Williams with every ounce of my being, but I'm quite glad to be done studying for a while)
 -the beach/mountains (I've been spoiled. I grew up by the beach and spent 4 years in the mountains.  I'm all about natural landforms. But for now I'm fascinated with the big city)
-having a thermostat (we get along just fine with the heat on full blast)

And now for a few tidbits:
-The temperature suddenly dropped from the mid-50s to the mid-30s.  Things just got real.
-We figured out how global warming happened: the heat in Russia has one setting - ON - and so the Russians open their windows, thereby letting all of the heat escape outside where it warms the Earth.  Mind blown, right?
-Those mushroom-flavored potato chips were pretty good.  Next up: red caviar-flavored. 
-Sometimes I get to play with Playdoh, use puppets, and act a complete fool at work in order to get through to 5 yr olds. And they pay me for this.  Jackpot.
-Russian millionaires are hiring live-in nannies for apx $100,000/year, including private jet use and chauffeurs. Catch: you must be Irish.  Think I can fake an accent/birth certificate?

That's all for now from me, hope you're all doing well!

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